BSNL offer 1GB of data for just Rs.36 !

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BSNL offer 1GB of data for just Rs.36 !

Now again it's a big news from Telecom industry. This time this is from our own state run BSNL. Before reading this offer, first we have to thank our Data guru "Jio" because of which we are getting all these offers from major telcos.

Since last year, Jio has been tremendously giving the offers which the rivals are unable to withstand in the market and they have no-other go and they have slashed the prices of thier own data plans.

Everytime, always it was BSNL who is first to counter Jio plans since it has a very good infrastructure which noother network has got it.

What is the offer from BSNL ?

This time, in order to counter Jio's data plans , BSNL has come up with an astonishing plan which has reduced it's data plan pricing about one-third and now they have prices 1GB of 3G data for as low as Rs.36 which is the cheapest for any of the network in India.

Till date, this is the best offer given by any of the telecom operator in India since even 3G launch. In a special statement to Press , BSNL stated that "Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has decided to offer up to four times extra data on existing data STVs (special tariff vouchers) available in the market,".

How to get this Offer ?

To get this offer, you have to choose any of the plans which has been launched by BSNL in recent times. BSNL has launched few combo plans with which you will get 1GB of data for as low as Rs.36.

You have to choose the special STV tarrifs to avail this offer. There are 2 plans which BSNL is currently offering.

The first plan is Under Rs. 291 plan for which a customer will get four times more data at 8GB with a validity of 28 days against 2GB earlier. In this plan you will get 1 GB of 3G data for just Rs.36

The second plan is Rs. 78 plan will offer double the data than earlier which is at 2GB now. In this plan you will get 1 GB of 3G data for just Rs.39 with a validity of 28 days. So, the more the data you choose, the less the amount you will pay.

When we asked the BSNL spoke-person , They said "With these offers BSNL is now offering data at the rate of Rs. 36 per GB which is one of the lowest in the Industry," which is actually a true statement.

So, this is the best offer so for which is given by any of the Telecom operator in India. So, it's time to switch to BSNL ? What are you gonna do ? These plans will be valid from Feb 6, 2017 all over India.

"We are committed to providing affordable mobile services for all segments of the prepaid mobile customers. These offers will be valid from February 6, 2017, on Pan India basis," BSNL Board Director for Consumer Mobility RK Mittal said.

What's next ?

What's next ? wait for other operators to counter this offer and we can expect a counter plans from Airtel, Idea, Vodafone , Jio which will get us a data less than even Rs.36.

The war between the telcos brings the customers the best offers, and finally here the winner is the customers who is enjoying almost free data since the launch of Jio.

We shall definetly wait for the counter plans from other telcos operators in the coming weeks since the telcos industry is at full heat.

It is proud that our state run BSNL is able to provide the data at this lowest price which is very very reasonable. So, what your comments ? switching to BSNL ? Please do comment your opinions on this ..
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